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I am buying for a friend this time. I bought the koala cover for myself and have been wearing it this season at Stevens Pass WA. I have been getting so many fun comments! At times I forget I have my giant koala head on and wonder why people are staring at me ...?? Thank you for bringing this fun into my life!
Stephanie Jesmer
Bought the Prankster for friend
We wanted to thank you for your great helmet cover. We just got home from 10 days of skiing Breckenridge, Colorado. My eight year old daughter LOVED her surprise racoon helmet cover. It was an added bonus that we could very easily spot her anywhere on the slopes. We had so many families ask about it, so it was a pleasure to give them your website! Thanks again.
Mrs. Strahm & Hannah
Houston, TX
There are plenty of shadows when night skiing. This ingenious helmet cover and light create a sense of comfort when I’m night skiing with my kids. I wouldn’t consider skiing at night without it!
Bruce J.
Black Mesh & Green Belt
Crazee Heads are awesome! We bought the panda for my daughter Mirella when she turned 6 (she is now 8). She raised $1500 for Pandas International to help save the pandas. Perfect gift for a panda loving girl!
Jessika Roberts
Zee Zee the Panda
I recently purchased two stretcheeHeads helmet covers for my sons, ages 12 and 14. I like the fact that the rechargeable LED band offers an easy and cost-efficient way for me to add an extra layer of protection to my kids while they ride their bikes, especially at dusk. I didn’t realize until I received the covers that there are actual three levels of LED lighting: intermittent flashing, rapid flashing, and steady “on.” Now I have the peace of mind of knowing that motorists can see my kids while they’re having fun. I highly recommend this product for kids and adults too!
Michael G.
LED Belted Helmet Covers
5 out of 5 Stars - Adorable - Granddaughter loved it! She is a unicorn enthusiast! She looks adorable!
Patricia Bryant
Sparky the Unicorn
It is perfect! It fit perfectly on my helmet. Zippy the snow leopard is the cutest thing I've seen. I would definitely recommend buying this to my friends.
Julian Calvo
Zippy the Snow Leopard
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