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If you're a fan of crazeeHeads helmet covers, we'd like to hear from you too!

I absolutely love my helmet covers. They make me and other snowboarders smile. Life is short. It's important to have some fun and smile along the way. 
-- Jen Rae Hein (She bought a panda and a koala)

Received the hats today!  Wow so fast.  Now we have these to add to my daughter, the Panda, and my husband, the Lion.  My daughter literally counts how many compliments she gets each day on the slopes.  Thank you!
-- Cristina Park (She bought a koala and a raccoon)

I am buying for a friend this time. I bought the koala cover for myself and have been wearing it this season at Stevens Pass WA. I have been getting so many fun comments! At times I forget I have my giant koala head on and wonder why people are staring at me ...?? Thank you for bringing this fun into my life!
  -- Stephanie Jesmer  (She bought Hankster the Prankster for her friend)

The kiddos have gotten lots of compliments on the helmet covers and we have given out the website address to check things out. Please add this photo to your crazeeHeads Gallery. The picture is of Cade and Kennedy Pahl in Des Moines, IA. Thanks!  -- Natali Pahl , IA  (She bought a raccoon and panda for her two children)

Friendliest customer service ever!!!!!!!!!!
You may quote me on this
-- Amanda Durepos  Quebec, Canada (bought a panda helmet cover for her daughter)

Please pass this on to Margaret.  Thank you for sending me the lion helmet cover.  I have definately been delinquent in sending this.  I wear it most snowless days and it is a big hit with the kids I teach and in general with the guests.  Thank you again.
Jim Armstrong, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

Crazee Heads are awesome! We bought the panda for my daughter Mirella when she turned 6 (she is now 8). She raised $1500 for Pandas International to help save the pandas. Perfect gift for a panda loving girl!
-- Jessika Roberts

WOW!  You guys excel at exceptional customer service!
Thank you again for your follow up with this order.  We DID receive our Crazeeheads Panda helmet cover and the Koala Bear helmet cover and my little boy (the one obsessed with Panda Bears) was beyond elated! It was is "favorite" gift.  Thank you again for the exceptional customer service.  I will definitely recommend your products to others and rave about the exceptional service you provide!

SIncerely, Tiffany West

Yes, we received it and my wife is thrilled with it. We have already had her try it on and it fit her helmet easily and snugly. She thinks its great.     
We'll see how it looks after she has crashed and burned a few times!

Happy Holidays -- Susie & Bill Lathrop  (bought a panda helmet cover for Christmas)

We received our panda today.  Thank you very much. FYI:  I had purchased one for my daughter earlier in the season.  She decided to take a boarding lesson last weekend at Mt. Snow and was worried about the panda, so she ended up putting it on my helmet. There was not on place on Mt. Snow (MOM stuff) that the panda didn't visit.  I must tell you that everyone went wild over it. I think you will be getting a lot of orders.  Also the manager of the sports shop had me give him the name of your company.  I don't think you could have gotten more exposure on a billboard!  Good luck with it!!!  They are fun to wear and cozy for VT! 
Fondly, Viki Brown

My husband won his Mo the Monkey helmet cover last year at our ski club's (Suffolk Skidaddlers) annual fundraiser. Wow! He has gotten so many compliments on the helmet cover from adults and kids alike, I wanted to just tell you. He loves it! Thank you for a terrific product. -- Jane Lombardo

We were recently on a ski trip to Copper Mountain, CO. Our Crazeeheads (Panda and Raccoon) were a hit on the mountain. So many people asked where we bought them. Even the lift operators liked them and wanted to know where they came from. There is a hugemarket you're not addressing. I see that you are in lots of locations near Aspen and Breck. But there are plenty of other ski resorts that would sell a ton of your CrazeeHeads. They are a lot of fun to wear. I even think you could sell them for more than $35.
Need someone to market them for you?

-- Kari Michalek, TX

We wanted to thank you for your great helmet cover.  We just got home from 10 days of skiing Breckenridge, Colorado. My eight year old daughter LOVED her surprise racoon helmet cover. It was an added bonus that we could very easily spot her anywhere on the slopes. We had so many families ask about it, so it was a pleasure to give them your website!
Thanks again. Mrs. Strahm & Hannah, Houston, TX

I would like to thank you for your amazing customer service with my rush order last week.  Our costumes were a big hit, especially with the kids at the Dartmouth Skiway in Lyme, NH. Here¹s a photo from our event last weekend, skiracing at the Tuck School at Dartmouth College¹s Winter Carnival. You definitely have permission to use this photo in any marketing materials.
Thanks again, Alli 
MacAllistre Henry and her 5 friends in Kleo the Tiger helmet
covers with matching jackets!)

Just wanted to let you know that we Looooovvvveee the Panda helmet cover.  My daughter was thrilled when it arrived so quickly and she has been the talk to Whiteface mountain.  I have passed your company name off to many moms.  Thanks again, Donna Barke

Dear Sales Team, Just a quick note to let you know we were gone last week and found the package when we got home. It looks NEAT! Can't wait to try it on my helmet! Thanks!
-- Johnilee, WI  (she bought a snakeskin helmet cover)

the cover was a big hit in colorado so I wound up sending the second one to a friend as a gift. please bill me for both covers. thanks a lot - cool product. mike
-- Mike Reininger. FL  (He bought tiger helmet covers)

To the staff at Crazeeheads,

Yes, my order arrived and I can hardly wait to show off my new helmet
cover on the ski hills.
I thought that you would be interested in knowing, I am 69 years of age
and my husband and I down hill ski about 40 times a winter. I am sure that I am going to have many requests!
Merry Christmas to all.

Elaine O'Grady  (she bought a faux snakeskin)

I would love to see more info on the site about how crazeeheads attach to helmets. I ride motorcycles with a group of friends and they would love these. We all believe highly in safety and always wear our helmets. We are a fun bunch and I love your product. Just would like to see more pics of sizes and instruction. Good luck with crazeeheads I think it's a great idea not just for skiing and snow boarding but for bicycles, skateboards and yes the occasional fun loving Harley mama who loves the pink piggy.
-- Sandra Aguiar

... and!
       what customers told us by telephone...

The panda was a hit last year. -- Mary Clarke, NY

(She bought the monkey and tiger helmet covers next)

We're big LSU fans!  -- Dale Bonin, LA

(He bought four tiger helmet covers for his family to wear in Colorado on their ski vacation. They love "Mike the Tiger" the LSU mascot.)

I like to encourage my students to wear a helmet. -- Elaine Koyama, MN

(She's a ski instructor who bought a snakeskin helmet cover.)

We're a mother-daughter team. -- Mitzi White, ID

(She bought two panda helmet covers.)

My brother's nickname is "Bear". -- Jim Rademann, CA

(He bought a panda for his older brother.)

My wife saw the ad in Ski Magazine and mentioned she liked the white quilted cover. I bought it to surprise her for Christmas. -- Charlie Gonzales, NJ

(He bought a panda first, then bought the quilted too after he heard his wife mention the quilted cover.)