You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay for your purchase! PayPal is a secure way for you to purchase one of our crazeeHeads helmet covers without giving us your credit card. Merely indicate that you will pay using PayPal, and you will be directed to another page that will allow you to process your order, and it will send us a notification afterwards about your purchase.

All crazeeHeads® plush helmet covers have a simple pull-cord adjustment feature, so they fit most helmet sizes and shapes – from children’s sizes to adult’s XL. For a smooth and snug fit, be sure to pull the bottom of your crazeeHeads® over the bottom edges of your helmet, smooth the fabric along all sides – and tighten the drawstring securely.

Yes, absolutely! If worn properly with the front top edge of your helmet lined up with the front edge of the cover, your goggles will not fog up because it will not interfere with ventilation. The slit in the back of your cover was designed so you can attach your goggle strap to your helmet.
    We suggest that you wear your goggles on top of your helmet cover for a more comfortable and secure fit — plus, it makes it easier to take your goggles off when necessary. Our covers were designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders by a skier!

It’s easy. (1) Lay the cover fur side down. Place helmet inside, and line it up with the top edge. (2) Loosen the drawstring in the back. Loop the elastic around the side pieces of your helmet, and thread the helmet straps through the elastic. (3) Pull the drawstring tight so the helmet cover fits snuggly around your helmet. Click here to see step-by-step instructions.

All crazeeHeads® plush helmet covers are made from either nylon or polyester outers (depending on the style) and all have cotton linings. Our stretcheeHeads® spandex covers are polyester/lycra/spandex combinations.

Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry. Dry clean for best results. Same goes for our stretcheeHeads® spandex helmet covers.

No, but after washing any of the helmet covers, shake those with plush fur or fur trim lightly to fluff. 

You can return it within 10 days for a refund. See our Return Policy for details.
That’s not likely to happen, but all crazeeHeads® helmet covers are guaranteed for one full year from any manufacturer’s defects. If it fails, simply mail it back to us and we’ll send you a free replacement.
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