crazeeHeads® helmet covers​

crazeeHeads & stretcheeHeads helmet covers are not just for kids…
grown-ups love ’em too! 

If you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, you can find a helmet cover that fits your style! Outfitting your whole family couldn’t be easier because one size fits most helmets – from a child’s XS to an adult’s XL. Try matching covers for everyone so you can spot your entire crew on the road when biking or on the mountain enjoying a winter holiday… there’s something for everyone!

It’s a great sport that gets us off the couch and out in the middle of all of Mother Nature’s glory.Way back in the 1980’s and 90’s it was always easy to find one another on the slopes because we all wore funny hats. We had a whole menagerie of creatures on our heads – including a buffalo, skunk, and most importantly – a panda.

Then an accident changed the course of our family’s history. Our “matriarch” caught an edge, skied into a solid snow fence in upstate New York, and broke her wrist and nose. Ouch! After the fact, her hubby bought her a helmet – but that meant she couldn’t wear her panda hat anymore.

… adapting a panda hat into something that could be worn with a helmet. After a few false starts, we finally found an accomplished pattern maker in New York City’s garment center that was able to do just that. And voila! ZeeZee the panda helmet cover was born.

We currently have 20 different styles of helmet covers including our newest innovation – two covers with an incorporated LED lighted belt. It’s rechargeable by a supplied USB cord and absolutely makes you more visible – and therefore, more safe.

Our business has grown over the years due to two factors: 1. Helmet usage is way up among all sports enthusiasts, and adding a cute and fun helmet cover is a sure-fire way to get youngsters to wear a helmet, and 2. we think our helmet covers are second to none.

You might be surprised to know that about as many adults wear our helmet covers as children. So no matter your age, topping your helmet with a crazeeHeads or stretcheeHeads is a guaranteed way
to put a smile on your face.

That’s our story. Please take a look at our products pages to see if something strikes your fancy. We love that our helmet covers bring a little joy to the world, and we’d love to have you as a customer.0


We’d like to thank our family and friends who’ve helped us launch crazeeHeads®…and special thanks goes to David Katz of the David Katz Photography Studio in NYC. Your skills are second to none, and we love you! Visit their website at: or email them at
“Where miracles are made one pixel at a time”.

Thank you for visiting crazeeHeadsWe are closing our doors

A BIG thank you to all our customers.The past 20 years have been wonderful and we owe it all to you. Remember to "look smart by playing smart" and wear your helmet - preferably with a crazeeHeads helmet cover. After all, being SAFE should be FUN too!

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