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Syosset, NY     WINTER IS COMING … but we’re not talking about “Game of Thrones”. We’re talking about one of the best times of year, almost here! (So is Thanksgiving, but let’s not quibble.)

With winter comes snow. At least in the mountainous areas of our country. And what better thing to do in the winter than to find a place to ski or snowboard.

If you live in the warmer places like Florida or California, maybe skiing isn’t your thing. Maybe bicycling is. In that case, check your tires, grease those wheels and start pedaling!

crazeeHeads isn’t just about snow sports – it’s about all sports that require a helmet for safety. And if you ride a bicycle, these days, it’s important to protect that noggin. One of our favorites is our Viking helmet cover. No one will miss you while wearing this horned delight! (Hey, is that a “Princess” we see in the middle? Pretty in pink!)

Another of our favorites  are our led belt and helmet cover combos. These are great for virtually any time of the year. You can wear it on the road, or on the mountain. You can wear it on a foggy day or a moonless night. The belt is easily rechargeable by usb, and one good charge will last for hours. If you don’t want it “turned on”, it’s reflective… but if you do, it blinks fast or slow, or stays on steadily. Your choice merely by pushing the power button on the side. And best of all, the belt is secured with velcro so it adjusts to most size helmets.

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