Wishing for a snowy winter!

Winter is the time to get outside in frosty air and enjoy what Mother Nature is doing. Of course, if you are living in the states where floods and ice storms are occurring, I’m sure you aren’t too pleased with all of that.

Here in the Northeast, we’ve had just a small taste of winter. A snowy wonderland that lasted for an all too brief moment in time.

Snow scene outside our front door.
Snow scene outside our front door.

Too bad it lasted only for about 2 days…  But, last year around this time, the cherry trees were in full bloom and although it was pretty, it was unnatural. For many of us, things that bloomed during the winter died in the Spring. And lots of our flowering bushes never had flowers at all during the summer. I’m hoping that this year will be different.

Get outside, feel the crisp cold air and the smell of the pine trees — and the fun it is to come back inside to a hot cup of cocoa! Hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows!Enjoy the winter! It’s a wonderful time of year.

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