Preview info for Interbike 2016

We’re getting all our promotional materials together starting now! Our newest helmet cover which sports an LED rechargeable/solar belt will be a new innovation for us.

This ultra-light and super-thin spandex cover comes in either black or silver with a “coordinating” LED belt. We’ll be showing Kiwi Green for the black cover, Fire-engine Red for the silver cover. The covers stretch to fit all standard bike helmets. Hold your helmet to the light when the cover is on,  and you can actually see through it. The silver cover is a metallic material which is bright and shiny – adding to its visibility.

Because all bike riders want to be safe no matter what the conditions – no matter what time of day – at dawn and at dusk – in good weather and in bad – during rain, fog, white-out snow storms, and periods of flat light …

… these LED helmet covers are the perfect accessory to make all riders more visible and more safe!

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