Newest doings with crazeeHeads

Yes, I admit, it has been a long time since I last wrote. Hardly anyone reads my blog anyway except for the “spammers” who want me to either use their “tools” or link back to their websites. Yikes. Well, it’s a way for them to earn a living I suppose.

Since last July when we went to Ragbrai in Iowa, we attended Interbike 15 in Las Vegas (September), SIA Snow Show 16 in Denver (January), and The New York Toy Fair 16 in, of course, New York City. That’s really not a lot of shows for the average company, but since it is primarily me, and my hubby handling everything (and occasionally my sister) we can’t pick up and go everywhere we’d like to because SOMEONE has to be around handling orders that come in etc etc!

The show that really knocked our socks off was the NY Toy Fair. We met a lot of people (it was super busy!!) and made some valuable contacts. We met with people from all parts of the globe — Canada, Australia, as well as Walmart from here in the USA.  Whether we actually get to do business with, I will know by next week. They are in direct competition with Amazon (who I don’t trust, sorry to say) and hopefully it will open a new door for us online.

Till next time, stay safe! Play safe and wear a helmet.


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