crazeeHeads reinvents the helmet cover with LED lights for 2016 SIA Snow Show LED technology brings safety to the forefront of helmet cover design

January 25, 2016, Syosset, New York – Making safety fun has always been crazeeHeads’ main objective. This year crazeeHeads® decided that perhaps it was time to move towards a helmet cover with a practical function.

Snow sports enthusiasts will love the LED-powered spandex helmet cover for the extra visibility it provides when out and about in adverse weather conditions such as flat light, fog, whiteouts, and when skiing at night.

Safety benefits for bicyclists include high visibility at dawn, dusk, and night rides plus during fog and rain. The LED feature makes riders especially noticeable to motorists and other members of a riding group.

Urban riders, including those using New York City’s Citi Bike, will benefit from wearing this helmet cover with LED flashing lights. Obviously, riding a bicycle in densely populated areas is considerably dangerous. This LED helmet cover can help allay bicyclists’ fears that a motorist or pedestrian can’t see them.

New prototypes will be on display that will combine form and function with a little “flare.” Made from an extra light, breathable fabric, this breakthrough helmet cover stretches to fit most multi-sport helmets for bicycles, skateboards, ski and snowboard.

The water-resistant illuminated band adjusts to fit helmets from size small to extra large. Triple lighting functions include steady glow, slow blinking, and fast blinking. The cold-resistant lithium button battery (included) works even in cold weather (down to about 4˚ F), and it will power the LED lights for days. An extra battery will be included with purchase. A version using a rechargeable battery with a USB charging connection is currently under consideration.

The covers will be initially offered in two colors – black and white. Different colors and/or patterns may be offered in the future depending upon demand. The spandex material will stretch to fit helmets from a child’s S to adults’ XL.

“I’d like to get feedback from our current customers, and hear what they think about this new cover,” says Margaret Spiegel, President of crazeeHeads. “I want people to know that these covers have a real purpose. We were skiing in Montana in white out conditions when I followed the wrong person and nearly skied off a cliff. If both of us had been wearing helmet covers like this, I wouldn’t have had a story to tell.”

Assorted styles of crazeeHeads® and stretcheeHeads® helmet will also be displayed.
Visit Booth #1123 at Denver Convention Center during the SIA Snow Show January 28 – 31 and at the Javits Center during the Toy Fair 16 in New York City February 13 – 16. You can find us in the Launch Pad section, table 4869M.

crazeeHeads and stretcheeHeads are sold worldwide through retailers and distributors in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. They can also be purchased online at, or by calling 866-4-CRAZEE (866-427-2933). A list of retail stores that carry crazeeHeads is available on their website. Suggested U.S. retail prices range from $27.99 to $36.99.

For further information, please email David Cowen at or call him at 516-263-3345.

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