Beautiful Day in NYC


Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.10.08 PMAs most everyone here on the east coast know, we’ve been having some really cold weather. In fact, it’s been at zero or close to it these past few mornings. Those who live in the Boston area, are finding themselves surrounded by 9 ft. high piles of snow– and kids are jumping out of their windows to play in the snow banks! When was the last time anyone here in this part of the country saw these kinds of weather events? Not since the blizzard of 1888 when NY was subjected to immense snowfalls has something like this happened.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.13.44 PMAnyway! Since I am planning a trip overseas in mid-March, I needed to get a new visa in order to visit China. We closed up shop this morning and drove to NY only to find that the Chinese Embassy was closed today (Wed.) through the weekend and will reopen (I hope) on Monday. Well, since we were already in the city, we decided to take a trip down to China town to have lunch where we visited an old standby: 456 on Mott Street.

Place was crowded as usual with the lunchtime crowd. Had wonderful Shanghai style soup dumplings, then headed back home to Long Island.

Roads were BUSY!! Lots of traffic. Slow going, so we sorta sight-seed along the roadway– where there was plenty of inventive graffitti to look at — and interesting signs….. who knew? Here’s one that caught my eye…

IMG_0062what the ??

But that’s New York for ya.

And yes, we DO eat “real food”.

Heard there’s more snow on the way. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it just hits the ski areas this time!

Till then– Happy President’s Day week!

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