2014 SIA Summer Snowdown in New York City

New York City, here we come! On July 16th, there will be a summer snow storm on 38th Street! There will be a small group of exhibitors showing off their latest products, trends and fashions for a variety of media who will attend.

As for us here at crazeeHeads, we’ve been busy working up new designs and think we have two winners to show everyone at the Summer Snowdown on July 16th (on 38th Street). Over the past few years we have received multiple requests from retailers and customers alike for a unicorn helmet cover.  The animals will be a purple spandex giraffe and a white plush unicorn (with a sparkly horn). Right now they are only in the prototype stages of development so we can’t show them off to you. While this may sound odd, we have had our share of concepts stolen, so until we actually produce them, these designs will remain under wraps.

Everyone knows that unicorns are magical creatures, so hold on to your hats (or helmets)! Don’t be surprised if our unicorn will be the most popular of our crazeeHeads’ covers to date. (Move over Zippy and ZeeZee!) If you like unicorns, you will find ours to be the prettiest one around.

We don’t have are names definitively chosen for our newest additions.
If anyone can help us out with suggestions, we’d love to hear!
Email us at: customerservice@crazeeheads.com.

‘Till next time!


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