2014 Children’s Club Results

Well, the results are in– and I don’t think we’ll be doing the ENK Children’s Club Show again.


We met some really nice people like Rosie (see http://celegritykids.com) who has dreamed up these wonderful leggings with ruffled toppers for children! Makes me want to be a child again I tell you! Our two little grand-nieces will be wearing two of Rosie’s creations shortly, “Pretty in Pastel”and “Savvy Stripes”

Our “next door neighbor” was Pam who is the creator of The Pamela Store (see her being interviewed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qkmBAf2KM4) She makes fun and frivolous tutus, “magic wands”, headbands and wings. Lovely and charming things. Too bad that she doesn’t have an active website– otherwise I would direct you to it.

However, overall, for us, the show was a bit surprising. Barely anyone cared to stop in and say hello to Zee Zee the Panda or Kookie the Koala. Our furry friends were lonesome and sad. On the other hand, our founder, and chief designer Margaret was also interviewed by Celebrity Baby Trends. See her at the Celebrity Baby Trends Media Lounge. Doesn’t Margaret look “darling” in her Viking helmet cover? 🙂 Her two interviewers are actually more beautiful in person if you can believe that! Tall, blonde and gorgeous.

Anyway. We made some friends, but the show was nothing to write home about. Since so many of our best customers are child-centric retailers, it was an unexpected outcome for the trade show. We did get to wander about in New York City at night so that was a lot of fun.

Please check out Rosie’s store. Her leggings are FAB-U-LOUS!

103 Panda side 2


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