Going to the 2014 Snow Show! Our Booth is #1122

Come join us! We’re going to Denver on a really early flight tomorrow morning. Gonna trade in some of this very cold weather for some warmer (if you can call it that) weather in Denver tomorrow.

We’re gonna be at the Colorado Convention Center – you know, the one with the BIG BLUE Bear leaning against the side of the building– showing our stuff this year. Check it out: http://siasnowshow.snowsports.org/

Last year we took a really big hike and went to Munich Germany for the ISPO show. It was an adventure. I can understand now why many American companies don’t go there on a regular basis. It’s really far away. And tough to get all your necessities there. Plus! the show is huge. This year, we’ll be back among friends in Denver. It will be good to see all the folks we missed last year– and we DID miss everyone. That isn’t to say that the show is small. Nope. It is not. There are easily 800 exhibitors there, and at least another 16,000 or more retailers coming to see everyone. That’s a lot of people. And there will be lots of events to see (and do) as well. There’s a demo exhibition on the snow- with wonderful new equipment being showcased. http://siasnowshow.snowsports.org/On-Snow-Demo

We are going to see what people say about our newest addition to our lineup. Zippy the Snow Leopard will have a “baby sister”: Zippy the Cat Hat. Right now, she’s just a prototype, but you never know. We expect that everyone will be as wild about her as they are about her “big sister”? Here’s a sneak peek: 2014-01-14 22.39.01Zippy the Cat will be spotted like our snow leopard and will have (we hope) purple ties and a purple fleece interior. We don’t know exactly yet, because we haven’t had a chance to check out all our available materials … For now, it’s gonna be for little children ages 2 – 7.

Anyway, stop by at our booth if you’re around and say HI!

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