July 4th and we’re thinking about winter

Yes, July 4th holiday celebrations are later this week, and that means that it is definitely summertime here in Northeast USA. Lots of people are thinking ahead about the winter… where would YOU like to be during the Christmas holidays?

We are starting to ship orders for our helmet covers to our friends in a variety of winter resorts. Can you believe? But that’s probably why I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… although, maybe it’s the hot weather getting to me! Yes, it’s July. Yes, it’s hot and sticky outside (and that’s normal for this time of year, right?), but if you’re like me, I’m dreaming of cool, white winter days, slipping and sliding along some beautiful runs in the mountains– nothing can beat a bluebird day!

Happy summer everybody! and think SNOW!

Monkey shennanigans!












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