Hot hot summertime!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some colder weather. It’s positively  hot here on Long Island! Temperatures hit close to 100 degrees over the past weekend. If I could have sat in my refrigerator, I would have. Ice cubes, after all, remind me of the best time of year– WINTER! Are we ready for some snow? YES!

But, it is July after all. And so, hot weather is to be expected.

We have revamped our piggy cover– now it is slimmer and sleeker than before. Oh, do I LOVE LOVE the fabric! It is sooooo soft. I wish I could have a blankeee (not blanket, in case you thought I made a typo)  made out of it, because it is is so wonderful. You will too when you see it in person!

Our new 2012 Poppi
on our favorite model A.W.!



Yes, stretcheeHeads now has some  sick (aka FABULOUS) new helmet covers coming to your neighborhood in September 2012. I wish we could have had them delivered sooner– but as most everyone knows, things always take longer than you expect, and this is no different. Got to make sure everything is produced correctly and looks as good as the prototypes– and THAT is never as easy as one would hope.

Just hang on there– and try to stay cool! Go to the beach, do a little swimming or ride the waves.

See you in September!

— cB (crazeeBaby)

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