Back from Denver SIA and onward to the Toy Fair in NYC

Hi everyone, we’re back! Tired, still a little jet lagged, but back home to my own pillow! Denver was great- people are all so friendly and NICE! but it’s always good to be back home. All our stuff made it back too, so what could be better?

Well, SNOW for instance.

We don’t have any of the white stuff here on Long Island where we’re located and it’s plain old weird. This time last year we had to dig out our mail box– and my mother-in-law couldn’t get to our home to feed our feral cat Skitzo. Poor baby, he got skinny during the two weeks we were away. This year is quite different. He’s as chubby as ever.

My mother-in-law is going with her  son’s family from New Orleans (with my 2 young nephews) to Park City Utah on Feb.18th. First time skiing for most of them. They will all be wearing Benny the Bandit Raccoon helmet covers so be on the lookout for some squirrelly raccoons over there! You won’t be able to miss them…. They promise to send some pictures– so I’ll post them after they get back home.

So, since they’re going to Utah, I thought I’d take a look at the Park City weather to see if they would have snow over on them there hills. Yes! They WILL! But what I stumbled across was this:

In a continued effort to maximize the safety and well-being of our Ski and Snowboard School guests, we are requiring all participants 17 years old and younger to wear a helmet.

hey hey HEY! That’s news to me! and good news it is indeed. crazeeHeads’s saying is: Look smart by playing smart. Wear a helmet with a crazeeHeads helmet cover. And with more people wearing helmets, you will find more people playing safely.

Next weekend, we leave for New York City, Javits Center and the Toy Fair.  I’m sure I’ll have something to tell you before then, so for now,


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