NSIA Montreal, here we come!

Last night, around this time, a nice UPS man (not someone who throws items around!) came to our house and picked up all 9 of our boxes/trunks to go to Montreal, Canada for the NSIA show. This is the first time we’re exhibiting at this show, and I’m pretty excited about doing it. Montreal is a beautiful city– and if it’s the way I remember from my college days, the Italian restaurants are not to be believed, they are soooo good! but, I digress.

NSIA (National Snow Industries Association) is the member-owned not-for-profit trade association representing suppliers of ski, snowboard, action sports and winter outdoor equipment, apparel, accessories and footwear. Very similar to the United States version: SIA, Snowsports Industries of America. Since this particular show concentrates on accessories, we thought it was a good opportunity to go to Canada and show our stuff.

New for 2012 are 3 spandex covers that I decided to aim directly towards the male market– tweens and teens. I kept hearing that my covers are for ages 3 – 12 then jump to 25 on up….. obviously missing a big section of the helmet market. So, I sat down and started to draw (that’s what I do since I’m first and foremost an artist). But first, I took a ride over to the local skate boarding park. Guess what. You can NOT enter the park unless you have a helmet on your head. How about that!

Anyway, the park was filled with kids. All boys, and an occasional Dad. No girls. Now that’s just not right…. girls can skateboard. They snowboard too by the way!!! They were all wearing helmets as I mentioned before. No one had anything funky on their helmets. Some had stickers though… so I knew, there was definitely an audience for what I was thinking of…. and what do you think so many of them had on their t-shirts? oh, there were “dead-heads”
and skulls and gothic looking graffiti thinga-ma-jig-ees…. JUST what I thought!

Stay tuned. I’ll let you all see my “sneak peek” for 2012 in my next entry! or you can go to: http://www.virtualpressoffice.com/kit/ba2j  and look for crazeeHeads or stretcheeHeads press release.

Till then,


THINK SNOW! (we need it!)


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