Canadian Snow Show – we’re almost there!

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, even though there isn’t much snow where we live on Long Island, we are gearing up for our first trip to Canada’s Snow Show — the NSIA show for ski and snowboard accessories in Montreal, Canada January 15 – 18th. This is SOOOOO exciting! I haven’t been to Montreal since I was in college.

We’ll be exhibiting alongside big names such as Swany (gloves),Dale of Norway (with their gorgeous sweaters), Colmar (my first “fancy” stretch overalls in HOT HOT pink was from Colmar)… and other well known companies. Needless to say, we are small fry next to most of them. But it is gonna be a LOT of fun. If anyone wants to find us, we’ll be right opposite the front entrance and across from the Bistro in booth #163.

New for this year are 3 stretcheeHeads spandex helmet covers. They are really cool if I say so myself. We decided that it was time to try something other than our usual cute and cuddly covers– and branch out into something a little more……. well, I’m not sure what to call them!

We’ve got a Viking cover with honking big square studs and a very shiny metallic fabric. Plus, we’ve got 2 covers that sport skulls on them. One is printed using reflective ink so that when you are in low light situations, on a bike, motorists will be able to see you very easily. And the other one has a thick working zipper (so it’s good for ski helmets as well as bike helmets) and a couple of chains. I think it’s my favorite one right now! They won’t be available in stores until maybe August, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for them. I’ll put them on our website right around the time that they become available for purchase….. but if you want a sneak peek, check this picture out! It’s Gabe Z on his snowboard wearing my favorite cover! (He caught some BIG air! but I won’t tell you where he is, ’cause you’ll be jealous!)Anyway– that’s it for now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this warm weather goes away fast.

Think SNOW!

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