Zulily.com — how interesting!

So this week, we signed up to do a flash sale for cyber Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday) with Zulily.

Seems like most every Mom out there with little children know about Zulily. They’re a great bunch of people who work there… and they work very Very hard doing what they do! Zulily sells interesting things for children at rock bottom prices.

My niece Jen knows about Zulily because she and her friends signed up for an account with them. They receive an email every morning that tells them about the newest and best sales. Pretty cool.

It was a very interesting experience. We normally sell lots of pandas because we are winter sports oriented. With Zulily, it was a more “general” audience, so our Princess and Pranksters flew off the shelves instead.

If anyone has suggestions for what they”d like to see for a new spandex cover to be used on bike or rollerblading helmets, we’d love to hear from you!

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