It won’t happen to me!

“It won’t happen to me.” Ha! Famous last words. Listen, there are only 2 “sure things” in this life – death and taxes. Other than that, it’s a crap shoot. (Sorry if you believe in destiny or “that was meant to be.” No offense, but we ain’t buying it.) In any event, there are plenty of skiers, snowboarders, bicyclists, inline skaters, BMXers, skate boarders etc. etc. etc. who believe they’ll never get in a serious accident while taking part in their favorite sport (whatever it is). Okay, good luck to ya’. Here’s hoping you’re right. But what if you’re not? Haven’t you ever been wrong before? About anything? If yes, then we sincerely urge you to strap on a helmet before your next run. Please, please, please – this is serious stuff you’re dealing with. Head injuries are way up there on the “Oh boy, this is bad” scale. So, if you enjoy life, and if you thank your lucky stars for every day that you actually wake up, then do yourself a HUGE favor and buy yourself helmet. And if you already own a helmet that you were wearing while taking a fall or two and bumped your noggin, you might want to consider replacing that old helmet with a new one. Because truth be told, their ability to protect you decreases with each succeeding accident. Don’t trust to chance. Life is precious and life is short. Be safe and be smart.

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