College & NFL helmets in the news

Have you seen all the press about college and NFL players getting injured because they use their heads as battering rams? (It’s pretty hard to miss all the TV and newspaper stories.) Severe injuries have been recently reported including one college player who is now paralyzed from the neck down. These are incredibly strong and fearless athletes who have absolutely no regard for their own personal safety or well-being, and so they think nothing of launching themselves at opposing players HEAD FIRST. You gotta admire their abilities, but something must be done to hopefully prevent further devastating injuries. What’s the solution? Players are already fined and sometimes suspended for helmet-to-helmet hits. And isn’t that how they’ve been taught to tackle? Maybe you gotta start there and change the training. Their helmets are already state-of-the-art (or so we’ve read), so what more can be done? Please send us your ideas and comments.

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