SIA Snow Show Day 1

It has been a fast-paced, interesting day 1 at the trade show. Our models Hannah and her daughter Ella stayed for 4 hours, and they certainly got a lot of attention while wearing our helmet covers.

Hannah and Ella modeling Princess Mona Leza

And we had a surprise visit from Elvis (AKA Richard from Turtle Fur). Margaret and Elvis posed for a photo with our unofficial spokesperson, Heidi Klum.

Elvis, Heidi and Margaret

And we got another surprise visitor – a ski racing champion in his own mind – Dave Perrigo! Who is Dave Perrigo, you ask? Only a 10-time NASTAR racing champion, that’s all. So Dave loves crazeeHeads, and here he is wearing Cupid (sans helmet). How cute is that?

Dave Perrigo
Dave , Cupid and the Klum girls Heidi and Leni
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