crazeeHeads in US WEEKLY!

Kids are taking a short break from the tough task of balancing!

Check out the inside back cover (page 72) of the 1/18/10 issue of US WEEKLY for photos of Heidi Klum’s children wearing crazeeHeads helmet covers!
Adorable Leni is shown in Zippy the Snow Leopard, and Johan looks so cute in Kleo the Tiger.

Wow! Heidi must be some smart mom because she’s got her kids wearing helmets (and crazeeHeads helmet covers!) while ice skating. As everyone knows, if you fall while ice skating, it’s not uncommon to bang your head on the ice (OUCH!) – and so wearing a helmet is certainly a good idea. Good going, Heidi!

If you have a story about how a helmet saved you from hurting your noggin, let us know in the comments section! Be safe.

1 thought on “crazeeHeads in US WEEKLY!”

  1. I stopped to rest after going down a really steep run, next thing you know, I tripped over myself and went down the rest of the way on my head! (dumb dumb dumb!!!) My bindings went in all bizarro directions– but my helmet helped save me– I only had whiplash for the next 3 weeks. Now I’m known as “The Snow Panda”!

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