– Consumer Product Safety Commission Study Shows 53% of Kid’s Head Injuries are Avoidable by Use of a Helmet —

Port Washington, NY, January 12, 2006 – To keep kids safe on the ski slopes while skiing and snowboarding, the experts at crazeeHeads ( offered these five tips for National Ski Safety Week (Jan. 16-21), sponsored by the National Ski Areas Association:

  • Use a helmet designed specifically for skiing or snowboarding
  • Make sure that the helmet fits properly and comfortably
    • Try it on while wearing goggles, as different goggles and helmets work together differently
    • Make sure a qualified person at a ski or snowsport store fits the helmet, to find the helmet that fits your child’s head
    • Use foam inserts to facilitate the fit if the helmet is too small
  • Wear a helmet that meets industry standards, such as CEN, ASTM and Snell, to ensure safety
  • Personalize helmets to help make them cool and desirable to wear, with products such as crazeeHeads’ cute animal ski helmet covers
  • Serve as a role model for kids, as the adult, and also wear a helmet

In studies conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it was shown that helmets can significantly protect children and adults against head injuries and even death. The CPSC study showed that for children under 15 years of age, 53 percent of head injuries (approximately 2,600 of the 4,950 head injuries annually) are addressable by use of a helmet. Based on a review of skiing and snowboarding-related death certificates, 11 deaths per year solely attributed to head injuries might be prevented by use of helmets, according to the CPSC.

“It’s clear that helmets help protect kids against head injuries. And, our helmet covers encourage kids to wear their helmets because they feel cool. They also make it easier for parents and others to spot kids on the slopes,” explained Margaret Spiegel, President of crazeeHeads. “We also suggest that parents wear a helmet, because they serve as role models, to encourage their kids to wear helmets.”

The ski helmet covers, with the look of a stuffed animal, are made by crazeeHeads ( of soft polyester with realistic eyes and come with cotton linings. In addition, they fit over helmets of all sizes, with a drawstring adjustment feature.

crazeeHeads ( offers a full line of animal helmet covers including a lion, raccoon, monkey, panda and tiger ($31.99). For adults, it offers additional options: leopard, snake, zebra and cow faux animal skin helmet covers ($23.99), along with quilted black and white nylon helmet covers that coordinate well with most ski parkas ($26.99).

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