Ski Helmets Keep Kids Safe On Slopes; Animal Helmet Covers Keep Them in Style

Next time you’re skiing, don’t be alarmed if you see a raccoon or lion next to you on the slopes. Chances are, it’ll be a child wearing an animal ski helmet cover, a way for kids to protect themselves from head injuries and look cool at the same time.

The ski helmet covers, with the look of a stuffed animal, are made by crazeeHeads ( of soft polyester with realistic eyes and come with cotton linings. In addition, they fit over helmets of all sizes, with a drawstring adjustment feature.

“While safety is our top concern, our helmet covers are also for people who want to coordinate their helmet with a specific outfit and to create a unique look on the slopes,” says crazeeHeads president Margaret Spiegel. “Often times, a whole family wears the same helmet cover, such as a raccoon, to stand out on the slopes.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that skiers and snowboarders wear helmets to reduce the risk of head injuries. More than 17,000 children in the U.S. ages 5-14 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for skiing-related injuries, and nearly 23,000 are treated for snowboarding injuries.

Helmets are becoming increasingly common at resorts. At Aspen-Snowmass (which includes Aspen, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk), helmets are mandatory for children ages under 12 while participating in ski or snowboard lessons, unless the parent or guardian signs a waiver.

“By wearing a ski helmet and cover, kids and adults can play safe and look smart,” said Spiegel. “We also suggest that parents wear helmets, because they serve as role models to encourage their kids to wear helmets.”

The latest crazeeHeads designs are raccoon and lion helmet covers ($31.99). The company offers additional animal helmet covers, including a monkey, panda and tiger ($31.99). For adults, it offers additional options: leopard, snake, zebra and cow faux animal skin helmet covers ($23.99), along with quilted black and white nylon helmet covers that coordinate well with most ski parkas ($26.99).

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