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If you’re among the millions of people who wear a helmet while playing sports all year round, congratulations! It’s the smart thing to do. And now you don't have to wear a plain helmet ... you can add a crazeeHeads® helmet cover! We've got 5 Spandex covers for multi-sport use, 10 Plush Animals, and 7 Fashion styles to choose from. All are easy to clean, and they're fun to wear! Click here to see step-by-step instructions or instructional video  crazeeHeads® helmet covers are proof that you can be safe and look great at the same time!

Play Smart
Wear a helmet.

Look Smart
Wear a crazeeheads®.

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Remember, helmets help to cut back your risk of serious injury. Be smart, wear your helmet. Make it fun by adding a crazeeHeads or stretcheeHeads  helmet cover!

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